TMSTA  June Salary News { without arrears}
June Salary Bills cheque got signed will be deposited in Schools A/c

Today evening (Note:Only Salary bill not arrears)
..already  its too late due to so many reasons
We Req.Principal / Fac to deposit Salaries
in individual A/c as soon as earlier  by tomorrow..
As its Festival of “RAMDAN ”
Thanks to the Efforts of TMSTA StateBody.

TMSTA News ….met Dy CM Kadiyam Srihari garu

TMSTA News :


Our TMSTA members met Commissioner Sir as well as Education minister .one hour back they met Dy CM Sri Kadiyam Srihari garu…. they discussed …

*PRC implementation

*TS Increment

*June Salary with arrears

*PHC allowances……some of issues discussed

he assured that he will talk our officials soon… (for problems solving)   ….waiting for updates ….

========================..TMSTA State Cmty

TMSTA Salary News

TMSTA Salary News
Today TMSTA members met Cmsnr Sir
Salaries with Ir Da Arrears we need 2crore more grant ..
Which can be taken from Non Recurring.
But Commissioner Sir is Reluctant to do so..For some reasons..
According to him we TSMS family disobeyed him..
Our team is working this isuue their level best…

. tomorrow Our AD Sir will comes …So we hope Positive…

.Inservice file is moving .at secretariat …..
.====TMSTA State Cmty


TMSTA Happy to inform to our lady teachers …today success
We strongely oppose the lady warden system we gave Rep on 24th June ….Principal Secretary….We gave many Press note ….who will face lady teachers teaching & hostel problems ….Some of the proofs to Show…..Salary… Monday /tuesday we will get …..



TMSTA Salary News (June 2015) &Arrears Information

TMSTA Salary News
Except Medak Dt arrears bill….
All other Dist IR DA arrears& June Salary Bills
have been reached State office. .
If Medak Bills reach even by tomorrow evening..
We can probably get the June 6th /7th… .
We request Medak Dist PRINCIPALs to send
the bills by Tomorrow ……Keep See the Updates ….
=============.TMSTA State Cmty

TMSTA StateBody met RMSA officials on 24th June 2015

TMSTA StateBody met RMSA officials on 24th June 2015
1.NO COMPULSION LadyTeacherWarden(They can give unwilling)
2.Student Scholarships(letter sent through AD to concerned Dept…Commissioner of Social welfare)
3.School Timeings 9:30 to 4:30pm
4.AGI,PRC,T incre with July salary…
5 Pgt BasicEnhance soon…
6.Tgt Hindi… Online Salaries …
7.IR DA ARREAR 3 Dts bills reached to head Off .
8.Service Rules EmployeeID, CPS.soon…
9 . Inservice issues positive response..
Discusd so many Academic …Issues
TMSTA StateBody & Dist Representatives.